About Us

We are a non-profit, public benefit organization whose primary purpose is to alleviate not only economic but all other kinds of poverty as well as the physical and mental suffering of the under privileged in India and Nepal.

We network and collaborate with individuals, groups, community service organizations and institutions as we strive to change the lives of individuals by promoting: self-respect, health, self-supportive living and motivation to carry on, to reach their goals. We aspire to give individuals dignity and life, not charity and survival, in each stage of their lives.

Our work is dedicated to realizing and maintaining aspirations of Jamgon Kongtrul III.

Continue to plant seeds and make better tomorrows

Our Work

“Give what you can: whether that is knowledge, protection or inspiration….”

Palliative Care Training for Nurses

We continue to disseminate the knowledge of Palliative Care to nurses by educating them in multiple aspects to practice quality palliative care in their settings , also to advocate, to …

Tutoring for students

From early on students all over India need tutoring outside of school hours to get ready for the very competitive examination process during the following years up to University admission… …

We support Creatures big and small

We aspire for a cruelty free,dignified life with love and comfort for all sentient beings and nurturing and respect for the earth. All Creatures Great and Small (ACGS) is a …

JKA Memorial Home in Kalimpong

We continue to work with JKA memorial Home in Kalimpong by providing emotional and in kind support for the children and the old residents. Further education opportunities to the young …

“Blessed are you if you can give to others with a heart that serves and a heart that sees the need before it is spoken….”